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Contact JJ’s Guns
(218) 546-8107

24 West Main St.
Crosby, MN 56441

Some of our products are available on sites like
For new guns we try to carry the best value for your money, guns that don’t break, and you’re happy with, for a long time. We have experience with most modern firearms if you ever have a question about a new gun write us an email and we will give you our feedback on any gun that you have or are thinking about buying.

With the fluctuations in the ammunition prices over the last 18-24 months our caliber selection isn't what use to be but we still stock a wide variety of calibers of rifle,handgun and rimfire products. 

The brands of guns that we offer vary from time to time and we carry different inventory every week. We do however only stock the Stag Arms brand AR style in the store, we have found that in our opinion they have the best value AR-15 with lifetime warranties and also offer left handed AR style in 5.56/223 and the larger caliber 6.8 spec.For higher-end AR's we are a stocking dealer for Noveske Rifleworks,LLC,and can order just about any other brands or types  that are available.    However,at this time we are not taking orders or backorders for any of the AR style rifles in any brand or configuration.


We are also a Glock stocking dealer we carry a large selection of Glock pistols, and knowledge about the pistol &  and our prices are the lowest in the area.Our other brands of handguns include but are not limited to: Springfield Armory,Ruger,CZ-USA,Sig Sauer,H&K,Kel-tec,Browning,Smith&Wesson,Walther and others. 


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